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Why choose the Honda hybrid battery?

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Compared with pure electric vehicles, petrol-electric hybrids are widely sought after due to their more mature technology, power smoothness, and economic and energy-saving advantages. As a highlight in the field of automotive new energy, it can be said that the core technology of the Honda hybrid battery is currently in the hands of established car companies that are at the forefront of the market. Among them, Japanese car companies represented by Honda have become leaders in this field with their early entry and deep technology. Below we will introduce the advantages of the Honda hybrid battery, the driving experience of the Honda hybrid battery model, and the characteristics of the Honda hybrid battery.


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l What are the advantages of the Honda hybrid battery?

l How is the driving experience of the Honda hybrid battery models?

l What are the characteristics of the Honda hybrid battery?


What are the advantages of the Honda hybrid battery?

Fuel economy is an important factor that any entry-level sedan will consider, and this happens to be the "housekeeping skills" of Honda i-MMD. The principle of its operation is destined for its fuel-efficient "nature" from the root. Regardless of the mode, the i-MMD hybrid technology of the Honda hybrid battery maximizes the conversion of energy, giving it an excellent fuel-saving performance. According to the previously measured fuel consumption, the hybrid CR-V fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the Honda hybrid battery is the only 5.39L, which is 41.78% more fuel-efficient than the fuel-fueled model; the Honda hybrid battery's hybrid INSPIRE fuel consumption per 100 kilometers It is as low as 4.09L, which is 43.77% more fuel-efficient than fuel-fueled models.


How is the driving experience of the Honda hybrid battery models?

In congested road conditions, the setting of the Honda hybrid battery i-MMD hybrid system is basically driven by a motor, making Honda's hybrid car like an electric car. The vehicle starts without shifting action. Accelerating quietly and swiftly, idling on the spot and driving at low speeds without any jitter. Even due to the quietness of the car moving, Honda's hybrid model has a pedestrian sound that can be turned off to remind pedestrians to avoid. While obtaining such a high-quality driving experience, there is no trouble of "mileage anxiety", and there is no need to change car usage habits. It is almost a perfect combination of the advantages of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles. But also based on the Honda hybrid structure, the engine and motor of the Honda hybrid battery will not drive the car at the same time. The power performance of the vehicle mainly depends on the more powerful drive motor. Among them, the maximum power of the hybrid version of Accord's motor is only 131kW, in the low and medium speed range, relying on the inherent advantages of the motor, the acceleration force is very fierce, but when it reaches the high-speed range, it starts to lose its strength.


What are the characteristics of the Honda hybrid battery?

First, the Honda hybrid battery is safe. At present, global air transportation and underground operations require the use of nickel-metal hydroxide batteries, because nickel-metal hydroxide batteries are relatively stable and will not spontaneously ignite and explode. Second, in terms of battery cell consistency, Honda hybrid batteries have higher consistency than lithium-ion batteries. They are better controlled for battery control programs and have a more stable voltage. Third, under the premise of shallow charge and shallow discharge of Honda hybrid battery, the cycle charge and discharge life of Honda hybrid battery are close to more than 200,000 times, and the life is very long. Finally, the Honda hybrid battery is very cheap and lower in cost, which is also a very important factor.


Today, the Honda hybrid battery business has been fully popularized. And the use range is wider. So how should we choose the right Honda hybrid battery? GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on Honda hybrid batteries before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of Honda hybrid batteries. If you are in the new energy battery industry and want to know more about replacement hybrid batteries and Honda hybrid batteries, you can contact us at any time.

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