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2021 Hybrid Battery News

Something about a Civic Ni-MH battery
09-17 2021

Ni-MH battery is a kind of battery with good performance. High-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries and low-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries are the two categories of Ni-MH batteries. The active components of the nickel-hydrogen battery's positive electrode are Ni(OH)2 (also known as the NiO electrode

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How to keep hybrid battery longer lasting
04-12 2021

TOHOP was founded in 1997, the same year when the first hybrid car came out. Its founder Mr. Yu started hybrid technology research when he first visited the Japanese battery factory in the middle 90s of 20th century.With excellent battery performance, such as consistent electricity power, TOHOP batt

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How to evaluate cars using Camry hybrid batteries?
10-29 2021

Cars using the Camry hybrid battery are equipped with a new TNGA powertrain, a new Camry dual-engine sports version, and several advanced configurations for all models, and the price remains unchanged. The following will give you a detailed introduction to the specific details of the car that uses t

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Learn something about Prius hybrid battery
11-15 2021

Prius is a hybrid vehicle produced by the Toyota Motor Cooperation. The PRIUS hybrid battery is suitable for use in urban areas, and it almost does not require fuel. In terms of environmental performance, Prius is better than gasoline power vehicles with the same power level. You will learn important information about the Prius hybrid battery and hybrid vehicle in the following paragraphs.

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Release in 2023! Toyota Prius Next Generation
11-10 2022

Toyota has released teaser images of a new model that is apparently the next-gen Prius. The new hybrid will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, on November 16.This will be the fifth-generation Prius, and it should go on sale in the U.S. sometime next year. If these new teaser photos from T

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