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What is the difference between an original hybrid battery and an OEM hybrid battery pack?

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For Prius Gen 2/Gen 3 Original Hybrid Battery
TOHOP OEM Hybrid Battery
Battery Pack Internal Structure
300 2 300

Directly replace the modules and wiring harness and remain the original metal case 
The size and installation position of battery pack still unchanged after the modules has been   replaced
Module Appearance 普锐斯2代3代原版电池  侧图
Dimension(mm) 19.5(W)x106(H)x283(L) 39(W)x110(H)x282(L)
Weight(g) 1040 2000
Battery Type Nickel metal Nickel metal
Module Norminal Voltage(V) 7.2 14.4

The voltage of two pcs original battery modules is 7.2*2=14.4V

So TOHOP replacement hybrid battery module equals two original battery modules

Typical Capacity(Ah) 6.5 6.5
Weight Energy Density(Wh/kg) 45 43
Volume Energy Density (Wh/L) 79 125
Weight Power Density(W/kg)
SOC 60% 25℃ 10sec
1022 1023
Durable Characteristic(Km) >300,000 >300,000
Volume(L) 0.592 1.166
Electrolytic Tank Material Resin Metal

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