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What are the advantages of Prius hybrid battery?

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The core of the Prius hybrid battery is TOYOTA's second-generation hybrid electric system THSII. This is the most advanced technology researched and developed by TOYOTA after more than 30 years of hard work. The Prius hybrid battery has evolved a hybrid energy management and control system to improve fuel efficiency. Coupled with the advancement of the brake energy regeneration system, it has achieved higher fuel efficiency compared with the first-generation Prius hybrid battery.

Here is the content list:

1.What is the development philosophy of the Prius hybrid battery?

2.What is the environmental protection concept of the Prius hybrid battery?

3.Why is the Prius hybrid battery very energy-saving and environmentally friendly?

What is the development philosophy of the Prius hybrid battery?

The THS II used in the Prius hybrid battery combines series and parallel types more effectively, maximizing the advantages of the two.

The power of the engine of the Prius hybrid battery is divided by a power split mechanism. One part directly drives the wheels and the other part is used for power generation. The use ratio can be freely controlled. The electric energy generated by the Prius hybrid battery drives the electric motor, and the use ratio of the electric motor is larger than that of the parallel type.

THS gives priority to reducing the environmental load. Based on the THS achievements, TOYOTA uses the "Hybrid Synergy Drive" as the concept to increase the output power of the motor by 1.5 times. At the same time, it realizes the high voltage of the power supply system and the control system has been greatly improved. As a result, the synergy effect of the motor and the engine's ergonomics complements each other, and a new generation of Prius hybrid battery that has both reduced environmental load and power performance has been developed.

What is the environmental protection concept of the Prius hybrid battery?

Whether it is the manufacture or scrapping of the Prius hybrid battery, its impact on the environment has been minimized. For example, many parts of the Prius hybrid battery use recyclable materials or materials that are easy to recycle. At the same time, engineers have particularly reduced the use of materials that bring a heavy burden to the environment, such as lead and PVC.

Why is the Prius hybrid battery very energy-saving and environmentally friendly?

The Prius hybrid battery was officially put on the market in 1997. Toyota has led the world in the development of hybrid power. The Prius hybrid battery officially entered the domestic market on January 15, 2006. The Prius was also the first domestic vehicle to use hybrid power, and it also made people realize that electricity and gasoline can be mixed. The power system of a Prius hybrid battery car is different from a traditional car. The power system includes an engine and an electric motor. In the normal state of driving on the road, when the speed is lower than 15 kilometers or when the vehicle is parked, the car using the Prius hybrid battery is a pure electric vehicle, because the engine is not working at this time, and the front wheels are driven by the electric motor. The gasoline consumption and exhaust emissions of the vehicle in the idling state are reduced. If the battery is in a low-speed driving state for a long time, the engine will automatically start to charge the battery when the power of the battery is reduced to a certain level. In the state of high-speed driving, the 1.5-liter VVT-i engine of the car using the Prius hybrid battery and the high-voltage circuit system of the high-output electric motor, inverter, and power control unit can increase the DC voltage to 500 volts, and then converting to alternating current to drive the motor can reduce the weight of the battery while getting higher power.

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