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The features of Prius Hybrid Battery

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In 1899, the first hybrid vehicle came out. Since 1997, it has been produced with Ni-MH batteries and is the world's No. 1 hybrid power model, the Prius. Cumulative sales exceeded 10 million vehicles. Approximately 3.19 million vehicles in the North American market and 1.33 million vehicles in the European market. In the secondary markets in North America, the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia, Prius also performed well with its outstanding performance. The following will introduce you to the characteristics of the Prius hybrid battery.

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What can Ni-MH battery bring to Prius?

Why Prius insist on using Ni-MH batteries?

What is the future development trend of Prius hybrid battery?

What can Ni-MH battery bring to Prius?

Ni-MH battery is a very important part of Prius models and most hybrid vehicles. Ni-MH batteries are favored by hybrid vehicles due to their excellent safety features, ultra-wide temperature range, ultra-large rate charging and discharging performance, and environmental protection throughout the process. Compared with pure electric vehicles, the biggest advantages of Prius hybrid batteries are maturity, stability, safety,  and reliability. Its core value is to ensure that the main power system is in the best working condition with minimal investment without the need for additional facilities such as charging power supplies, and the fuel consumption is 3.9L per hundred kilometers.

At present, the Prius secondary market has a huge demand for nickel-hydrogen hybrid batteries. However, due to the high technical requirements of the Ni-MH battery, the performance is excellent. There are not many alternative products on the market, which creates certain barriers and pressures on the maintenance of the secondary market.

Why Prius insist on using Ni-MH batteries?

According to official statistics, Toyota sold only 50,000 hybrid vehicles from 1997 to 2013, but it quickly exceeded the 10 million mark in 2017; only three years later, in the second quarter of 2020, it exceeded 15 million. However, all Toyota hybrid cars with more than 15 million vehicles use Ni-MH batteries. This is very different from the current lithium batteries used in Honda hybrid and other pure electric vehicles. You know, the Ni-MH battery used by Toyota has a 40% lower energy density than lithium batteries. Why does Toyota still insist on Ni-MH batteries? The word "stable" can summarize 70% of the reasons. Prius hybrid battery technology never considers battery life. When battery life is not the core goal, the energy density of the battery becomes less important, although compared to lithium-ion batteries, the discharge voltage is low, the energy density is low, and the lifespan is not long, but the most important thing is safety and stability.

What is the future development trend of Prius hybrid battery?

Toyota is not without lithium battery technology reserves, but because Toyota has not made breakthroughs in lithium battery research. Facts have proved that Toyota is correct in not radically adopting lithium batteries. At this stage, there are not a few safety accidents caused by lithium batteries in new energy vehicles. In the short term, Toyota will still stick to the Ni-MH battery route; in the medium and long term, if there is a breakthrough in the key technology of lithium batteries, it may switch to the trend; but the new fluorine ion battery is still early. It seems that the use of the Prius hybrid battery is the long-term way.

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