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Talking about a Civic Ni-MH battery

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Ni-MH battery is a kind of battery with good performance. Ni-MH batteries are divided into high-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries and low-voltage nickel-hydrogen batteries. The positive electrode active material of the nickel-hydrogen battery is Ni(OH)2 (called NiO electrode), the negative electrode active material is metal hydride, also called hydrogen storage alloy (the electrode is called hydrogen storage electrode), and the electrolyte is 6mol/L potassium hydroxide solution. As an important direction in the application of hydrogen energy, nickel-metal hydride batteries have attracted more and more attention. The current hybrid Civic was developed by the Civic Ni-MH battery on the gasoline version of the car. In addition to the more efficient and compact IMA hybrid system, the next-generation Civic Ni-MH battery will also use high-power, compact lithium-ion batteries for the first time. It is understood that the current Civic hybrid uses nickel-metal hydride batteries, and the Civic nickel-metal hydride batteries have significantly improved battery stability and capacity. The upgrade of the Civic nickel-metal hydride battery IMA hybrid power system will increase its fuel economy by 15% compared to the current hybrid Civic. At the same time, the new car will still use the 1.3L I-VTEC gasoline engine, and the performance will continue to improve.


Here is the content list:

l What is the classification of Civic Ni-MH battery?

l What are the advantages of Civic Ni-MH batteries?

l How should I maintain the Civic Ni-MH battery during use?


What is the classification of Civic Ni-MH battery?

Like lithium-ion batteries, Civic Ni-MH batteries are not a formula but a whole series of battery formulas, which can be divided into capacity type, power type, low-temperature resistant type, and low self-discharge type. The Civic Ni-MH battery has a capacity type Ni-MH battery. Civic Ni-MH batteries have power Ni-MH batteries: the specific discharge power can reach 1300W/kg (continuous discharge), which is almost twice that of lithium-ion power batteries. Civic Ni-MH batteries have low-temperature resistant Ni-MH batteries: -40 ℃ ultra-low temperature operation, available capacity, and internal resistance are almost the same. Low temperature is the dead spot of lithium-ion batteries. Civic Ni-MH batteries have low self-discharge Ni-MH batteries: self-discharge rate is the dead spot of Ni-MH batteries.


What are the advantages of Civic Ni-MH batteries?

The biggest advantage of the Civic Ni-MH battery is its high safety. Even if the manufacturing process is poor, deformed by an external force, short circuit, high current discharge (accompanied by heat), it will not spontaneously ignite and then explode like lithium-ion batteries. Civic Ni-MH battery technology is mature, suitable for large-scale production, and low cost. The Civic Ni-MH battery formula rarely pollutes and has little impact on the environment. The Civic Ni-MH battery has good low-temperature performance, which can kill lithium-ion batteries. Civic Ni-MH batteries have a long cycle life. 2000-5000 cycles are not a problem. The Ni-MH batteries of HEV models are basically maintenance-free for life. The Civic Ni-MH battery has a small memory effect. The consistency of Civic Ni-MH battery cells is higher than that of lithium-ion batteries. The 1.2V rated voltage of the Civic Ni-MH battery is a good number, and it is easy to round up.


How should I maintain the Civic Ni-MH battery during use?

Do not overcharge the Civic Ni-MH battery during use. During the cycle life, avoid overcharging during use. This is because overcharging can easily cause the positive and negative electrodes to expand, causing the active material to fall off, the diaphragm is damaged, the conductive network is damaged, and the ohmic polarization of the battery becomes larger. Civic Ni-MH battery prevents electrolyte deterioration. During the cycle life of the Ni-MH battery, the hydrogen evolution of the battery should be suppressed. Storage of Civic Ni-MH batteries. The storage of Ni-MH batteries should be fully charged. If the battery is stored for a long time without storing electric energy in the battery, the function of the hydrogen storage alloy at the negative electrode of the battery will be weakened and the battery life will be shortened.


Today, the Civic Ni-MH battery business has been fully popularized. And the use range is wider. So how should we choose the right Civic Ni-MH battery? GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. has conducted a lot of safety tests on Civic Ni-MH batteries before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of Civic Ni-MH batteries. If you want to know more about our professional Civic hybrid battery and Honda hybrid battery products, you can contact us at any time.

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