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TOHOP -Make right hybrid battery

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-12      Origin: Site

TOHOP focuses on continuous band-shaped nickel foam, insists on technological innovation to drive product development, and begins to develop and produce Ni-MH automobile batteries.  With the introduction of PEVE and Toyota hybrid battery production technology, TOHOP production technology has been upgraded to a new level. Subsequently, first automatic production line of nickel-metal hydride automotive power battery was put into production in Changsha.

With excellent battery performance, such as consistent electricity power, TOHOP battery business got fast expanded along with the hybrid technology’s development through its consistent products updating to meet the hybrid market. TOHOP has launched 16 types of hybrid batteries in 2016 and in the following year, TOHOP explored its international market business, especially got a big leap in north America, Australia and east Europe.

TOHOPers have been focusing on hybrid battery for over 10 years. In the next decade, TOHOP will still focus on improving its hybrid batteries to satisfy clients’ growing demands.

Nowadays, more and more car owners realize the advantages of hybrid technology, which is gas-saving and eco-friendly. It’s believed the earth will getting better with our mutual effort.

We believe in ourselves, we believe in you.

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Since the first HYBRID CAR met the world, how to be more efficient, fuel-saving, eco-friendly while keeping the car running powerfully is the core issue to all the hybrid battery suppliers. TOHOP is striving to be the top-notch manufacture of these suppliers.



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