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Lexus hybrid battery interpretation

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Lexus hybrid battery with the concept of green, dynamic and environmental protection, in Japan and North America, has a good record. The third generation of Lexus hybrid battery has also upgraded and developed a new generation of the oil-electric hybrid power system (THS-II), which once again leads the standard of hybrid structure vehicles with more powerful power and energy saving and environmental protection, which can be seen in the subsequent market.

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The hybrid structure represents the model

Double engine power to form the best power output

The energy efficiency of the third-generation Prius hybrid battery

The hybrid structure represents the model

It is understood that there are three main types of Lexus hybrid battery vehicles in the world today, including tandem, parallel, and hybrid. In the series type, the engine drives the generator to generate electricity, and the electric energy drives the wheels through the motor. However, the disadvantage is that the energy is converted multiple times, and the mechanical efficiency is reduced. Parallel means that the engine and the motor drive the wheels together, and the two driving forces can be used separately according to the driving conditions. Because the engine can not be turned off for driving, the motor is only used for auxiliary engines, which is close to the traditional automobile drive system, and the mechanical efficiency loss is almost the same as that of ordinary cars. Unlike the above two, the hybrid combines the tandem and tandem more effectively to maximize the advantages of both, stopping the engine automatically at idle, reducing energy waste, and allowing more efficient control of the gasoline engine and motor to maximize its ergo efficiency.

Double engine power to form the best power output

The third generation of Lexus hybrid battery is equipped with the new 1.8L oil-electric hybrid power system THS-II*, which is driven by two major engines, namely the engine, the motor, and the special storage battery. Under the combination of the two engines, the Lexus hybrid battery has a strong and high fuel economy power output. For example, in the initial stage, the third-generation Lexus hybrid battery can be driven separately by electric motors, and the maximum power can quickly reach 60KW. At the acceleration stage, the motor and engine form the strongest hybrid power, with the maximum power reaching 100kW. The 1.8L inline 4-cylinder engine carried by the motor is equivalent to the power performance of the 2.4L gasoline engine. With the application of new technologies such as high-power battery and electric water pump, the hybrid power system of Lexus hybrid battery, with the perfect combination of two engines, has not only a strong power output but also low fuel consumption and low emission power performance, which can be said to achieve the best power output. Lexus hybrid battery efficiency utilization.

The energy efficiency of the third-generation Prius hybrid battery

The third-generation Lexus hybrid battery adopts a high-power nickel-metal hydride battery, which can provide the best power for the motor and generator, completely reduce the battery's ineffective zone, and set the cooling system and main relay in the best distribution way to save the maximum occupied space. It is worth mentioning that the oil-electric hybrid system THS-II* carried by the Lexus hybrid battery also has the performance of dynamic regeneration. In deceleration, braking, the engine can completely stop running, driven by the wheel generator and efficient energy recovery and charging, dynamic regeneration. High-power batteries can store more power, and high-power nickel-metal hydride batteries can maximize energy efficiency. In addition, the third-generation Lexus hybrid battery also requires no special maintenance or external charging, and its HV battery does not need to be replaced.

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