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Let’s know about a Civic hybrid battery

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Hybrid vehicles use smaller engines that can meet the needs of car cruises, and rely on electric motors or other auxiliary devices to provide additional power for acceleration and climbing. The result is improved overall efficiency without sacrificing performance. Hybrid vehicles are designed to recover braking energy. In a traditional car, when the driver steps on the brake, the energy that could be used to accelerate the car are thrown away as heat in vain. However, hybrid vehicles can recover most of this energy and store it temporarily for reuse during acceleration. When the driver wants maximum acceleration, the gasoline engine and the electric motor work in parallel to provide starting performance comparable to a powerful gasoline engine.

Here is the content list:

l What is the basic concept of the Civic hybrid battery?

l What is the equipment situation of the Civic hybrid battery?

l What are the advantages of the Civic hybrid battery in terms of power?


What is the basic concept of the Civic hybrid battery?

The Civic hybrid battery uses a cylindrical nickel-metal hydroxide rechargeable battery with a voltage of 158V and a guaranteed output power of 16kW, thereby driving a 15kW electric motor. The Civic hybrid battery fixes the electric motor with the crankshaft and is installed between the gasoline engine and the CVT continuously variable transmission.


What is the equipment situation of the Civic hybrid battery?

The Civic hybrid battery model not only has a fighting style, but the powerful combination of 1.5T+CVT also has a good acceleration performance. The biggest trump card of the new Civic is its styling. Honda's designers gave this sedan a very dynamic styling, like a low body with a slip-back styling, combining a modern, avant-garde, and coupe feel. Combined, the appearance of this generation of Civic is the highest in the Civic hybrid battery model. In terms of the configuration of the Civic hybrid battery model, the Civic is equipped with a full LCD multi-function instrument panel, a 7-inch central touch screen, HDMI interface, 6 speakers, 6 airbags, electric sunroof, full-angle visual reversing image + reversing radar, exterior Rearview mirror heating, tire pressure warning system, electronic handbrake + Auto hold, dual-zone independent air conditioning, keyless entry + one-key start, LED daytime running lights, these are all standard features of the 1.5T models. In high-end models, there are split LED far and near lights, leather steering wheel + leather seats, and high-tech safety equipment.


What are the advantages of the Civic hybrid battery in terms of power?

In terms of power, the Civic hybrid battery model provides 1.0T and 1.5T engines for everyone to choose from, but we recommend choosing a 1.5T model because the 1.5T engine can output a peak of 220N•m/1700-5500rpm. The torque and maximum power can reach 130kW/6000rpm. Although the data performance is not excellent, the 0-100km acceleration of the 1.5T model with CVT transmission is only 7.62 seconds. The performance of the Civic hybrid battery can be said to be very powerful.


So how should we choose the right Civic hybrid battery? Before leaving the factory, GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd conducted a lot of safety tests on the Civic hybrid battery to ensure the quality of use. If you want to know more about our professional Civic hybrid battery and Honda hybrid battery products, you can contact us at any time.

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