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Learn something about Prius hybrid battery

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Prius is a hybrid car of Toyota Motor Corporation. Prius hybrid battery has low fuel consumption and is suitable for urban use. Prius has good environmental performance, which is much higher than gasoline cars of the same power level. The following will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the Prius hybrid battery and hybrid vehicle.

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What is Prius?

What is the hybrid vehicle?

What is the hybrid battery?

What is Prius?

The core of the Prius is TOYOTA's second-generation diesel-electric hybrid power system THSII. This is the most advanced technology researched and developed by TOYOTA after more than 30 years of hard work. It has evolved the hybrid energy management and control system to improve fuel efficiency and coupled with the advancement of the brake energy regeneration system, it has achieved higher fuel efficiency compared with the first-generation Prius. The Prius hybrid battery is an important part of the Prius and provides an important guarantee for the operation of the Prius.

What is the hybrid vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle refers to a vehicle in which the vehicle drive system is composed of two or more single drive systems that can operate at the same time. The driving power of the vehicle is provided separately or jointly by a single drive system according to the actual driving state of the vehicle. The vehicle drive system of a hybrid electric vehicle is composed of two or more single drive systems that can operate at the same time. The driving power of the vehicle is provided separately or jointly by the single drive system according to the actual vehicle driving state. Due to the different components, layout, and control strategies, a variety of classification forms have been formed. The energy-saving and low-emission characteristics of hybrid vehicles have attracted great attention from the automotive industry and have become a focus of automotive research and development. The hybrid power device not only takes advantage of the engine's long continuous working time and good power but also takes advantage of the motor's pollution-free and low-noise benefits. The two "fight side by side" and learn from each other. The thermal efficiency of the car can be increased by more than 10%. It can be improved by more than 30%. In 2010, the world entered the era of automotive hybrid power. The Prius hybrid battery plays a key role in the use and operation of hybrid vehicles.

What is a hybrid battery?

The key to a hybrid vehicle is the hybrid battery, and its performance is directly related to the performance of the hybrid vehicle. At the beginning of the vehicle, the hybrid battery is in a state of full power, and its energy output can meet the requirements of the vehicle, and the auxiliary power system does not need to work. When the battery power is less than 60%, the auxiliary power system starts: when the vehicle energy demand is large, the auxiliary power system and the battery pack provide energy for the drive system at the same time; when the vehicle energy demand is small, the auxiliary power system provides energy for the drive system At the same time, it also charges the hybrid battery. Due to the existence of the hybrid battery, the engine works in a relatively stable working condition and its emissions are improved. Prius hybrid battery contributes to improving fuel efficiency.

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