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Introduction to the Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

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Civic Hybrid is Honda's first Hybrid model with cutting-edge technology elements in the Chinese market, and it is another Hybrid model after the Toyota Prius in the Chinese market. The following is an introduction to the Civic hybrid battery.


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Civic hybrid battery usage overview

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Advantages


Civic hybrid battery usage overview

Hybrid electric vehicles generally refer to the vehicles driven by electric motors as an auxiliary power of the engine. Civic hybrid battery adopts Honda's second-generation Hybrid power system. The 1.3 displacements 3-level i-VTEC main power engine are based on the intelligent control VTEC(Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System). The valve is controlled through three stages of low speed, high speed, and cylinder stop. Auxiliary Power's motor is fitted with a miniaturized and efficient HONDAIMA (Integrated Motor Assist System). The maximum output power of the engine is 71.5kW, the maximum output torque is 170N.m, the liter power is 55kW, plus the motor's 15kW power, the whole power system can reach the power output and torque output of 1.8L gasoline engine. The Honda Civic hybrid battery uses a cylindrical nickel-metal hydride rechargeable Civic hybrid battery with a voltage of 158V, ensuring a 16kW power output to drive a 15kW electric motor. The hybrid Civic hybrid battery fastens the motor to the crankshaft between the gasoline engine and the CVT step-less transmission.

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Advantages

① Compared with the traditional automobile because the internal combustion engine always works in the best condition, the fuel consumption is very low.

② The internal combustion engine mainly works in the vicinity of the optimum working condition, with full combustion and relatively clean emission of gas; No idle start (idle stop).

③ There is no need for an external charging system, and problems such as driving mileage and infrastructure for a single charge are solved.

④ The miniaturization of Civic hybrid battery packs makes them cheaper and lighter than electric cars.

⑤ Engine and motor power can be complementary; At low speed, the motor drive can be used.

Under the current technical level and application conditions, a hybrid electric vehicle is the most industrialized and market-oriented model of electric vehicles. The hybrid electric vehicle adopts an internal combustion engine and electric motor as the hybrid power source, which not only has the advantages of good power performance, fast response, and long working time of fuel engine but also has the advantages of no pollution and low noise of the electric motor, to achieve the best match between engine and electric motor.


Under the current technical level and application conditions, hybrid electric vehicles are the most industrialized and marketable models of electric vehicles. If you want to know more about the Civic hybrid battery, you can visit our company's official website. GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. focused on the production of high-quality Civic hybrid battery products, and constantly improve the performance and reliability of the product, to provide users with economic, practical, high-quality Civic hybrid batteries.

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