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How to replace the Camry hybrid battery?

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Camry Hybrid is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine and a battery drive pack with 40 horsepower output to form a Toyota hybrid power system. When it starts at low speed, it is driven only by an electric motor. Under normal driving conditions, it is driven by an engine and an electric motor respectively. When it accelerates at full speed, the engine and the electric motor enter full load operation at the same time. When it decelerates, the engine will stop working, The energy generated by braking is also converted into electricity. Camry hybrid battery is being upgraded. How to use it?


Here is the content list:

l The sixth and seventh-generation Camry hybrid power battery replacement

l When does the Camry hybrid system use B gear?

l The maintenance points of the Camry hybrid battery


The sixth and seventh-generation Camry hybrid power battery replacement

1. First, put the Camry hybrid battery in a row to see if the modules in the row are installed correctly;

2. Confirm the positive and negative of the Camry hybrid battery, so as to prevent the wrong installation of the end snap ring and rework. It only needs a set of small tools to install the module. The installation sequence manual requires that the module be installed in sequence;

3. After 17 modules are installed, the modules are labeled directly. Generally, they will not be installed wrongly;

4. Fix the temperature acquisition harness on the Camry hybrid battery snap ring, and fix the harness with the snap;

5. Install the Camry hybrid battery on the battery pack and install the bottom screw to fix it;

6. Install the bottom screw on the other side for fixing and tightening;

7. Install the power line, copper plate, and total negative wiring harness to connect them in turn;

8. Torque confirmation: copper screw 6N;

9. Install the protective cover plate, install the protective cover plate on the other side, and the middle two connecting wires for MSD insurance, which are reserved for installation when installing the shell;

10. Fix the harness connector;

11. After installing the safety harness and confirming the torque, install the cover plate;

12. Install the cover plate and fuse to confirm the voltage. The voltage is about 260V, which is normal;

13. Connect the main copperplate;

14. Install the collection board harness and shell, fix the harness, and fix the air inlet temperature probe.


When does the Camry hybrid system use B gear?

Camry hybrid system is different from the ordinary Camry, the biggest feature is fuel saving. When driving in D gear normally, the transmission will keep in a higher gear range as far as possible, so that the engine is in the state of maximum utilization speed, so as to achieve the purpose of fuel-saving. When driving in gear B, the engine will keep at a higher speed to achieve the effect of forced braking.

Because the motor has to participate in the work, B gear is not completely equal to l gear. It is not a traditional motor. The motor here is not only a driving motor but also a generating motor, which can generate both electric energy and power. Camry hybrid system provides force magnetic current through motor reducer. The greater the force magnetic current, the greater the force. It can be used for both forward acceleration and reverse braking.


Maintenance points of Camry hybrid battery

1. Always wipe the outside of the Camry hybrid battery with a cloth dipped in boiling water, and clean the panel and the column head (i.e. the positive and negative poles). It helps to improve the service life of the Camry hybrid battery.

2. During daily driving, check whether the small hole on the battery cover is unblocked.

3. Check the connection of the Camry hybrid battery cable regularly to see if the cable is loose.

4. Check the internal electrolyte height of the Camry hybrid battery. If the electrolyte is too low, add distilled water or a special lead-acid battery make-up solution. Do not use pure drinking water instead.

5. When adding liquid, do not let other impurities fall into the Camry hybrid battery. If any impurities fall in, do not use metal materials to catch them. Use a dry wooden stick to remove the impurities.

6. Camry hybrid battery is not used for a long time and will discharge itself slowly until it is scrapped. Therefore, the battery should be charged and maintained every other month when it is not used for a long time.

7. When charging the Camry hybrid battery, place it in a well-ventilated place and open the battery cover (be sure to turn off the power supply of the sightseeing bus when charging).


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