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How to evaluate cars using Camry hybrid batteries?

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Cars using the Camry hybrid battery are equipped with a new TNGA powertrain, a new Camry dual-engine sports version, and several advanced configurations for all models, and the price remains unchanged. The following will give you a detailed introduction to the specific details of the car that uses the Camry hybrid battery.

Here is the content list:

1.How to evaluate the appearance of cars using Camry hybrid batteries?

2.How to evaluate the interior of a car using a Camry hybrid battery?

3.How to evaluate the configuration of cars using Camry hybrid batteries?

How to evaluate the appearance of cars using Camry hybrid batteries?

In terms of appearance, the Camry hybrid battery car has a luxury version and a sports version of the dual design. Both design styles are derived from Toyota's latest "Keen Look" design language. The luxury version of the model uses a huge trapezoidal horizontal bar grille, the body is streamlined, the waistline is lower, and the extended rear roof increases the rear headspace.

The hybrid version of the model has a new sports version styling, which maintains the overall design of the main body design of the current fuel sports version and only reveals its hybrid version's identity in some detail. Specifically, the front face of the car using a Camry hybrid battery adopts an X shape, the grille is made of black mesh material, and the central Toyota LOGO adds blue elements for embellishment, and the visual effect is more prominent.

How to evaluate the interior of a car using a Camry hybrid battery?

Automotive interiors using Camry hybrid batteries won Ward's 2018 Top Ten Interior Evaluations. In terms of interiors, cars using Camry hybrid batteries have undergone major changes. The interiors of the three models are the same, except for the material of the decorative panel on the upper part of the glove box and the decorative panel near the gear lever. The interior adopts an asymmetrical design, and the center console presents a Y-shaped curve. The new seat of the car using a Camry hybrid battery adopts a three-dimensional sports wind shape, using a new type of spring and a seat cushion made of high-density and high-damping polyurethane material.

It is worth mentioning that Toyota's first three-screen interconnection in domestic models is reflected in cars using Camry hybrid batteries. 10-inch color head-up display (HUD), 8-inch/9-inch [11] central control touch screen, 7-inch instrument panel LCD screen, three screens can realize information linkage, providing rich and comprehensive high-definition information, HUD can be in the wind the road condition information is displayed directly in front of the glass, and the driver can read the information without lowering his head. The original physical buttons on the edge have also been adjusted to touch buttons. At the same time, the UI interface design of the onboard multimedia system of the car that uses the Camry hybrid battery has also been upgraded and equipped with a high-tech navigation system. In addition, through the LCD in the center of the instrument, we found that the original tire pressure alarm function was upgraded to tire pressure display, which improved driving safety to a certain extent.

How to evaluate the configuration of cars using Camry hybrid batteries?

In terms of configuration, the car using the Camry hybrid battery is equipped with Toyota's latest Toyota Safety Sense, including the PCS pre-collision safety system, the LDA lane departure warning system, the AHB automatic adjustment high beam system, and the DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system. Safer driving assistance. In addition, vehicles using Camry hybrid batteries also have 12 various types of equipment to detect the driving environment, such as BSM parallel blind spot monitoring system, reversing blind-spot warning, PVM panoramic monitoring system, etc.

Externally, cars using Camry hybrid batteries come standard with panoramic sunroofs, anti-ultraviolet glass, noise-reducing front windshield, aluminum alloy wheels, smartly hidden wipers, and electric folding exterior mirrors (with heating and electric adjustment), Air guide version under the vehicle. In addition, far and near-beam integrated LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, light-sensitive intelligent headlight systems, LED front fog lights, and LED combined taillights are also provided on cars using Camry hybrid batteries.

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