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How strong is the Prius hybrid battery?

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In 1899, the first hybrid vehicle came out. Since 1997, it has been produced with nickel-hydrogen power batteries and is the world's No. 1 hybrid power model, the Prius. Cumulative sales exceeded 10 million vehicles. Approximately 3.19 million vehicles in the North American market and 1.33 million vehicles in the European market. In the secondary markets in North America, the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia, Prius also performed well with its outstanding performance. Today, let’s talk about the advantages of the Prius hybrid battery and some precautions.

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l The advantages of the Prius hybrid battery

l Some precautions

The advantages of the Prius hybrid battery

Toyota hybrid batteries are favored by hybrid vehicles due to their excellent safety features, ultra-wide temperature range, ultra-large rate charging and discharging performance, and environmental protection throughout the process. Compared with pure electric vehicles, the biggest advantages of Prius hybrid batteries are maturity, stability, safety, and reliability. Its core value is to ensure that the main power system is in the best working condition without the use of additional facilities such as charging power supplies, and the fuel consumption is 3.9L per hundred kilometers. In the new energy vehicle battery management system, the application of current sensors provides strong support for the precise control of the entire system. Most HV battery management systems use Hall-type current sensors, which are a kind of magnetic field sensor made of Hall effect, which has the characteristics of small size, fast response speed, and sensitivity to magnetic fields. The Hall current sensor used in the HV battery is an open-loop (direct discharge type). When the current IP passes through a wire, a magnetic field will be generated around the wire. The magnitude of the magnetic field is proportional to the current flowing through the wire. Gather in the magnetic ring, measure and amplify the output through the Hall element in the air gap of the magnetic ring, and its output voltage Vs accurately reflects the current IP. The generally rated output voltage is calibrated to 5V.

Some precautions

(1) The Prius hybrid battery must be placed upright, not flat or upside down; during the test, the battery must be clamped.

(2) When connecting the positive and negative poles of the wire, tighten the nut and the lead-out post (the screw at both ends of the battery). The torque is controlled at 5-6N.m. Be careful not to twist or fall off the lead-out post. If the lead post falls off, the battery is scrapped.

(3) The test lead should be firmly connected to the lead-out column, and should not be connected virtually.

(4) When charging and discharging at a rate, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the Prius hybrid battery. You can use a fan to force the heat dissipation.

GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd has developed a variety of Prius hybrid batteries and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Prius hybrid batteries have many advantages over other products. If you are in the new energy battery industry and want to know more about Camry hybrid batteries and Prius hybrid batteries, you can contact us at any time.

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