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How long is the life of the Ni-MH battery pack used in the Camry Hybrid?

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Regarding the life of the Camry hybrid battery used in hybrid vehicles, it should be considered the most difficult to answer among many questions. Although many laboratory test reports justify the life of the battery pack, it is the most convincing only when it is used by a large number of users and proved over time. At the same time, there are many rumors about the battery pack of hybrid vehicles. Many rumors now seem quite ignorant and unfounded. For example, the battery needs to be replaced in three years, and the battery needs to be replaced at a time of 80,000 yuan. However, these ridiculous rumors still perplex many people. Today we will talk about how long the Camry Ni-MH battery life is.

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l Proof from time: Ni-MH batteries are still strong through ten years

l The secret of the long life of Ni-MH battery: shallow discharge, multiple cycles

Proof from time: Ni-MH batteries are still strong through ten years

Both the fuel consumption performance and the power performance of the old car and the new car that has been used for 10 years of driving 330,000 kilometers remain at the same level, indicating that the hybrid system and the Camry hybrid battery are still working normally.

The secret of the long life of Ni-MH battery: shallow discharge, multiple cycles

Maybe even if the first-generation hybrid car has been used for more than ten years to prove that the Camry hybrid battery can have a very long life, there will certainly be people who can’t understand it. Because in daily life, we have seen too many short-lived rechargeable batteries: it is normal for mobile phone batteries to become bricks after one or two years; the original notebook battery that can last 4 hours can support 2 after one or two years. Regardless of the objective factors of the low quality of the batteries used in these electronic products, recall whether the Camry Ni-MH battery is often used until it is automatically turned off during the use process, or it is only charged when the battery is extremely low. And this is precisely the taboo of rechargeable battery life.

The battery pack on the hybrid vehicle is equivalent to a small reservoir used for peak shaving and valley filling. It is charged and discharged frequently, so the capacity does not need to be large, but it must be reliable and durable. Essentially different from the batteries on mobile phones, notebooks, and even pure electric vehicles, electronic products, and electric vehicles use batteries as energy storage units. The battery power must be maximized to ensure a longer working time, so the depth of discharge is often Above 80%, the battery of electronic products is even higher, but this will inevitably come at the expense of certain battery life.

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