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Historical review of Prius hybrid battery

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At the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, Toyota released an ugly concept car called the Prius. The word Prius is derived from Latin, meaning ahead, forerunner, etc. One year after the concept car was released, testing of the production car began. Next, we will introduce you to the development history of Prius's third-generation hybrid battery.

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How about the Prius 1st hybrid battery?

How about the Prius 2nd Gen replacement battery?

How about the Prius 3rd Gen hybrid battery?

How about the Prius 1st hybrid battery?

The first-generation Prius was equipped with a 1.5L inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine code-named 1NZ-FEX and a 288V permanent magnet AC motor. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 43kW (58 horsepower) and the maximum torque is 102Nm; the maximum power of the electric motor is 29kW (39 horsepower) and the maximum torque is 305Nm. Equipped with an ECVT gearbox and Ni-MH battery pack as the power source, Toyota calls this hybrid electric system "THS". It can be seen that the first-generation Prius hybrid battery is a nickel-hydrogen battery pack.

In fact, in the beginning, Prius was only sold in Japan, but later it was also exported privately to the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other countries. In 2000, Toyota officially promoted the first-generation Prius to the North American and European markets. At this time, the code name of the first-generation Prius was changed to NHW11. In addition to some adjustments to the appearance details, the hybrid battery system was optimized-the VVT-i variable timing valve technology was added, and the power performance was improved.

How about the Prius 2nd Gen replacement battery?

Prius’s second-generation battery replacement optimizes and upgrades the hybrid power system. In 2003, the second-generation Prius came out. After years of technological precipitation, Toyota has improved the HV battery, electric motor, and transformer based on the defects in the first-generation Prius components, and developed a new generation of TOYOTA hybrid battery system, which has been comprehensively improved in performance. The core HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) hybrid synergy drive revolutionary improves the synergy effect of engine and electric motor power.

How about the Prius 3rd Gen hybrid battery?

The third-generation Prius hybrid battery will use lithium-ion batteries instead of Ni-MH batteries used in current models. By then, the new Prius’s fuel consumption per 100 kilometers will be reduced by about 25% to only 3.2 liters, and its carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer will also be reduced from 80 grams. To 70 grams, the power configuration of the Prius classic hybrid battery model is further optimized.

Compared with the Ni-MH hydride battery with the same energy storage, the lithium-ion battery weighs only about half of the latter. The reduction of body weight will help the vehicle to improve fuel economy, thereby achieving more energy-saving purposes.

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