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Electric cars vs hybrid cars vs plug-in hybrids

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electric cars are powered by batteries, the wheels are driven by electric motors. Some manufacturers fit a single electric motor, others opt for one at the front and one at the back, while some cars even feature one on each wheel. Electric cars costing under £35,000 are currently eligible for a £2,500 plug-in car grant from the . A plug-in hybrid will primarily run on its electric motor until it's depleted, then the gasoline engine will take over. Rather than having two engines working simultaneously, plug-in hybrid vehicles use the gasoline engine as a “backup” for when the electric engine is out of charge. There are many benefits that come with making the switch to a hybrid vehicle over a conventional model. To begin, hybrid vehicles can maximize your fuel economy by switching between using their electric engine at lower speeds and the gas engine at higher speeds. Plus, traditional hybrid vehicles are an excellent option for Land O' Lakes drivers who don’t want to rely on home charging. Since the gas engine charges the battery as you drive, you won’t need to stop and recharge the internal batteries to continue receiving high fuel economy ratings.

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