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Analysis of main components of Civic Hybrid power

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Under the current technical level and application conditions, hybrid electric vehicles are the most industrialized and marketable models of electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles use an internal combustion engine and electric motor as the hybrid power source. It has the advantages of good power, fast response and long working time of the fuel engine, as well as the advantages of no pollution and low noise of the electric motor, which achieves the best match between the engine and the electric motor. Let us introduce Civic Hybrid power below.


Here is the content list:

IPU intelligent power unit

IMA battery structure

Civic hybrid battery startup


IPU intelligent power unit

The IPU layout is integrated, and the integration of functional parts makes it very small in size. The fan draws air into the car through the intake pipe (or air pipe) and cools the Civic hybrid battery, then cools the PDU, DC/DC converter (D/V), and vents the gas into the trunk. The cooling air discharged may make the temperature in the luggage to a certain extent, the Civic hybrid battery cooling air inlet is located on the rear storage box, the inlet blocking will increase the temperature of the IMA battery, and the motor power system will also be blocked, in addition, Civic hybrid battery may also light the IMA system indicator. Foreign matter or liquid entry can cause failure, so do not place any material near the cooling air intake,

IMA battery structure

The Civic hybrid battery structure energy collector has reduced impedance, uses a low impedance electrolyte, and improves efficiency by softening the plate surface. Boosting power increased from 11.5 kW to 14.6 kW, and regenerative power increased from 10.6 kW to 12.1 kW. The battery is composed of 22 cells with a voltage of 158V. The 22 units are distributed in the shape of a canine tooth, which has a higher space utilization. The layout of each unit enables the cooling air to pass through each unit, which improves the heat dissipation.

Civic hybrid battery startup

It is better when the engine starts at very low temperatures, e.g., ambient temperature below -30℃. During warm-up, the charging system indicator may be on for a short time (less than 1s). However, once the vehicle is driving, the Civic hybrid battery temperature will rise and the charging indicator will be intermittently off, which will not affect the normal driving state. If the user replaces the 12V battery, the battery runs out of power or disconnects the terminal, after the engine starts, it will not immediately show the remaining power of the Civic hybrid battery, and it will take about 30 minutes to show the remaining power of the standard Civic hybrid battery. It takes some time for ECU to calculate the standard value of the remaining charge of the Civic hybrid battery. At this time, the regeneration performance is temporarily reduced, but it is not a fault.


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