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What is the Camry hybrid battery?

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The biggest difference between the new eighth-generation Camry hybrid battery and the ordinary fuel version is that it has a set hybrid system, which not only improves Camry's maximum thermal efficiency by 1% but also makes it have better fuel consumption performance and smoother power output. Let's introduce the Camry hybrid battery.


Here is the content list:

l The constitution of the Camry hybrid system

l How long is the life of the Camry hybrid battery?

l What are the measures for the safety of the Camry hybrid battery?


The constitution of the Camry hybrid system

Camry hybrid can't be charged externally. The battery power is small (1.6 or 1kwh). The layout and principle of the engine, motor, generator, and transmission are similar to Prius. Its composition is as follows:

Planetary gear mechanism: switch and distribute speed, rotation direction, and torque from different power sources. For example, the power of the engine is divided into two paths, one of which is distributed to the wheels to drive the vehicle, and the other is distributed to MG1 to generate electricity.

Camry hybrid generator MG1: mainly through the use of engine output power generation. Used as a starter to start the engine.

Camry hybrid motor MG2: mainly used to supplement engine power to improve driving performance. When decelerating, it generates electricity through regenerative braking.

HV battery of Camry hybrid: stores the power generated by MG1 and Mg2. When driving MG1 / Mg2, it provides power for PCU.

Inverter in the power control unit (PCU): converts DC power from boost converter to three-phase AC power to drive MG1 and Mg2. Instead, the alternating current from MG1 and Mg2 is converted to direct current.

Boost converter in the power control unit (PCU): increase the voltage of the HV battery from 244.8 V to 650 V at most. Reduce the voltage of MG1 and Mg2 power generation for the HV battery.


How long is the life of the Camry hybrid battery?

Generally, the life of the battery pack of the Camry hybrid battery is the life of the whole vehicle. So far, the life of the Camry hybrid battery is not too short. With the increase in driving mileage, the capacity of the Camry hybrid battery will decline. However, at present, the battery technology is very mature, and the battery decay is completely within the controllable range.


What are the measures for the safety of the Camry hybrid battery?

In order to ensure the safety of the Camry hybrid battery pack, the vehicle is equipped with three circuit breakers. Once there is a problem, the control unit will automatically cut off the power supply. Moreover, the control unit of the Camry hybrid battery is in a completely sealed state, so even if the water is poured, there will be no safety problems.


Today, the Camry hybrid battery business has been fully popularized. And the use range is wider. So how should we choose the right Camry hybrid battery? GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on Camry hybrid batteries before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of Camry hybrid batteries. If you are in the new energy battery industry and want to know more about replacement hybrid batteries and Camry hybrid batteries, you can contact us at any time.

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