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What is a Lexus hybrid battery?

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Lexus provides a rich and mature gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle for the market. Lexus has 20 years of experience in the field of hybrid technology. At present, the cumulative sales of Lexus hybrid battery models in the world have reached 400,000. At present, Lexus has introduced 5 types of Lexus hybrid batteries into the Chinese market, and sales account for 82% of the luxury car brand's gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle market. With the launch of ES300h, this number will be further increased.

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l What is Lexus hybrid battery technology?

l How to repair the Lexus hybrid battery?

l What is common sense about Lexus hybrid batteries?

What is Lexus hybrid battery technology?

Lexus hybrid battery technology creatively combines fuel power and electric motor power. As a strong hybrid system recognized by the automotive industry, Lexus hybrid battery technology means that it can use gasoline engine power or electric motor power alone as an energy source, and can effectively combine the two power sources to provide power for vehicles together. As a result, the vehicle emerges with impressive surging power and a quiet and smooth driving experience. At the same time, the fuel consumption rate of automobiles has also been drastically reduced, reducing carbon emissions. Hybrid technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The main difference lies in how the various components in the system are combined into a complete single system. It is this difference that determines the power and fuel efficiency of a hybrid vehicle. Lexus hybrid battery Technology Different gasoline-electric hybrid models use different battery packs and engines, but the similarities end there. In mild hybrid (also called soft and weak hybrid) models, the main power still comes from gasoline or diesel engines, and the electric motor only plays an auxiliary role. When the vehicle is running, the gasoline or diesel engine must be started first. Lexus hybrid battery technology is a more advanced hybrid technology, called full hybrid, in which the gasoline engine and the electric motor cooperate seamlessly with each other. This type of vehicle can not only be started by an electric motor but can also be driven entirely by an electric motor. Compared with mild-hybrid models, it has lower emissions and better fuel economy. LEXUS Lexus’ hybrid models have always been full hybrid models.

How to repair the Lexus hybrid battery?

To repair the Lexus hybrid battery, first, know that the high-voltage battery device of this model is under the rear seat. Remove the rear seat and carpet to clearly see the battery assembly, and then remove the battery protective shell. There are only three assembled batteries and densely packed cords. The black box on the left is the relay assembly of the hybrid motor. The one on the right is the hybrid control panel. The thick red line is the high-voltage power line. According to the principle, the high-voltage battery of hybrid power is composed of multiple batteries in series to achieve high-voltage output. The high-voltage battery of this car is composed of three batteries. First disconnect the series power line of the three batteries, so that the high-voltage power composition can be interrupted. The overall battery will no longer have high-voltage power output. If you really don’t know which one is the series power line, you can refer to the new battery. The series power cord of the new battery is not connected, just wrap those with insulation. At this point, the Lexus hybrid battery repair has been completed.

What is common sense about Lexus hybrid batteries?

There is no need to charge the Lexus hybrid battery. All Lexus hybrid models do not need to be externally charged. This provides a more rational choice for energy conservation and environmental protection when the basic charging facilities are not yet complete. The Lexus hybrid battery can automatically charge the high-end compact battery through the regenerative energy during braking or the electric energy converted from the energy when the vehicle is coasting. It can even use the energy of the gasoline engine to charge itself when necessary. During driving, the vehicle can charge the battery while driving. The Lexus hybrid battery does not need to be replaced frequently, and the battery can be used freely with the car. Except for regular procedures, no additional maintenance is required.

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