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Performance analysis of Lexus hybrid battery

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Since 1997, it has used nickel-hydrogen power battery to produce Lexus hybrid battery, the world's best-selling hybrid-electric model. The accumulative sales volume exceeded 10 million. The North American market was about 3.19 million units and the European market was about 1.33 million units. Secondary market North America, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia region, Lexus hybrid battery with its excellent performance, also perform well. The following is an introduction.

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l Prius hybrid battery advantages

l Prius hybrid battery market

l The Prius hybrid battery saves energy and cuts emissions

Prius hybrid battery advantages

Nickel hydrogen power battery has been favored by hybrid vehicles for its excellent safety characteristics, ultra-wide temperature range, super-large rate of charge and discharge performance, and the whole process of green environmental protection. Compared with pure electric vehicles, the biggest advantages of the Lexus hybrid batteries are maturity, stability, safety, and reliability. Its core value is to ensure that the main power system is in the best working state at the minimum cost without the help of additional facilities such as a charging power supply, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 3.9L.

Prius hybrid battery market

Currently, the secondary market for the Lexus hybrid battery in nickel-hydrogen is huge demand. However, due to the high technical requirements of the Lexus hybrid battery ,the performance is excellent. There are not many alternative products in the market, so there are certain Lexus hybrid batteries and pressures to the maintenance of the secondary market. To the user, maintenance has brought a lot of inconveniences. Heliolida welcomes people of vision from all walks of life to work together to solve the problem of maintenance and replacement of the hydrogen-nickel hybrid batteries in the secondary market of Lexus hybrid batteries. To the user to bring more safe, efficient, convenient service.

The Prius hybrid battery saves energy and cuts emissions

Benefit from the hybrid power system of the third generation of Lexus hybrid battery, in addition to the conventional driving mode, three driving modes can be set according to different driving demands, which can meet the needs of various road conditions such as daily and outing. For example, when driving on a highway or a winding road, the driver can choose the power driving mode and immediately feel the quick throttle response of the Lexus hybrid battery and the powerful power of the high speed. And traffic jam in the city, it can choose the electric driving mode, only rely on the motor driving, no engine noise, the ride can experience excellent JingMiXing, no gasoline cost at the same time, realize zero emissions, and by the ministry of industry test, the Lexus hybrid battery hundred kilometers minimum fuel consumption of 4.3 L, more fully appear unusual for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of Lexus hybrid batteries and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These Lexus hybrid batteries not only have a large exhaust capacity but also have strong endurance. If you are in the Lexus hybrid batterybusiness, you can consider using our cost-effective HYBRID BATTERY products.

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