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Do you know What is a Prius hybrid battery?

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The Prius is a hybrid car of Toyota Motor Corporation, which was launched in China in January 2006. Low fuel consumption, suitable for urban use. Compared with gasoline cars of the same power level, it is much higher. The core of the Prius hybrid battery is TOYOTA's second-generation hybrid electric system THSII. This is the most advanced technology researched and developed by TOYOTA after more than 30 years of hard work. It has evolved the hybrid energy management and control system to improve fuel efficiency. Coupled with the advancement of the brake energy regeneration system, it has achieved higher fuel efficiency compared with the first-generation Prius hybrid battery.


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l What is the development philosophy of the Prius hybrid battery?

l What is the performance of the Prius hybrid battery?

l What is the role of the Prius hybrid battery in energy saving and environmental protection?


What is the development philosophy of the Prius hybrid battery?

The THS II used in the Prius hybrid battery combines series and parallel types more effectively, maximizing the advantages of the two. The power of the engine is divided by the power split mechanism, one part directly drives the wheels, the other part is used for power generation, and its use ratio can be freely controlled. The hybrid battery drives the electric motor by the generated electric energy, and the use ratio of the electric motor is larger than that of the parallel type. THS gives priority to reducing the environmental load. Based on the results of THS, TOYOTA adopts the concept of "Hybrid Synergy Drive" to increase the output power of the electric motor by 1.5 times, while realizing the high voltage of the power supply system and the control system. Has been greatly improved. As a result, the synergy effect of the motor and the engine's ergonomics complements each other, and the new generation TOYOTA hybrid electric system "THS II" has been developed that has both reduced environmental load and power performance.


What is the performance of the Prius hybrid battery?

Since 1997, it has been produced with hydrogen-nickel Prius hybrid battery and is the world's number one hybrid Prius with sales volume. Cumulative sales exceeded 10 million vehicles. Approximately 3.19 million vehicles in the North American market and 1.33 million vehicles in the European market. In the secondary markets in North America, the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia, Prius also performed well with its outstanding performance. hydrogen-nickel Prius hybrid batteries are favored by hybrid vehicles due to their excellent safety features, ultra-wide temperature range, ultra-large rate charging and discharging performance, and environmental protection throughout the process. Compared with pure electric vehicles, the biggest advantages of Prius hybrid batteries are maturity, stability, safety, and reliability. Its core value is to ensure that the main power system is in the best working condition with minimal investment without the need for additional facilities such as charging power supplies, and the fuel consumption is 3.9L per hundred kilometers.


What is the role of the Prius hybrid battery in energy saving and environmental protection?

When the Prius hybrid battery is decelerating and braking, the recovery system will change the electric motor into a generator, thereby converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electrical energy and storing it. This feature is suitable for the continuous start and stop of the vehicle under traffic congestion. In the case of acceleration and uphill, sufficient power is required. At this time, the engine and the electric motor work at the same time to provide a higher power output. At this time, the power provided by the 1.5-liter Prius is equivalent to the 2.0-liter engine. The comprehensive fuel consumption given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the Prius Prius hybrid battery is 4.7 liters, which is equivalent to a 1.0-liter engine in terms of fuel consumption.


Prius hybrid batteries are now widely used. GK International Enterprises Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on the Prius hybrid battery before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the Prius hybrid battery. If you need to buy a Prius hybrid battery, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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